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The Low Carb Hustle

Dec 5, 2022

Are you implementing the proper techniques to get better results and protect your health for life? In this episode, Robert Sikes provides his take on who the Keto diet is for and how long you have to wait to start seeing results. He dives deep into his training techniques, how you can get a good result with a full-body split and what the best lower-body machine & hardcore type of cardio is. Robert highlights some of the predatory marketing in the keto space, the declining quality of foods, the obesity epidemic in the US, and much more. You don't want to miss this episode!

Robert Sikes is a natural ketogenic bodybuilder, author, and entrepreneur as well as the CEO and founder of Keto Savage, a health and fitness company that offers coaching, training, and nutrition for athletes and bodybuilders. He is also the CEO and founder of Keto Brick, a company that produces ketogenic meal replacement bars for efficient nutrition with the highest quality ingredients. Sikes holds first-in-class titles from his bodybuilding competitions within the OCB and WNBF federations and lives in Northwest Arkansas with his wife Crystal. Ketogenic Bodybuilding is the culmination of all he has learned through his bodybuilding endeavors and client coaching practice.

Key Highlights:

Part 1

[00:01 - 06:24] Opening Segment

• Robert is the keto savage and has great advice for people who want to try keto

  • Why keto is not for everyone and it can take some time to see results
  • Weight loss can be difficult during the initial stages of keto, but it's worth it in the long run

• Make sure to do a 30-day keto experiment to see if it's a good fit for you

[06:25 - 12:12] The Strict Keto Results

• Robert shares his experience following a strict keto diet for over six years

  • How it has helped him improve his metabolic flexibility and maximize his potential

• Focus on one thing and get really good at it before branching out into other areas of their lives

• The importance of being mindful of your goals when following a keto diet

[12:13 - 18:23] Ketogenic Diet is More Than Just a Strict Nutritional Protocol

• You can decide for yourself what aspect of keto you want to pursue

  • Is it more important to be strict or flexible with your diet?

• Ketones are a clean burning energy source and can be more efficient than glucose when used in the body

• How inflammation is often associated with consuming carbohydrates

[18:24 - 23:16]The College Diet

• There is a correlation between obesity and inflammation

  • The root cause of the obesity epidemic

• Obesity is on the rise, and it's getting harder to maintain a healthy weight

  • People are becoming fatter and sicker

Part 2

[00:01 - 06:17] The Obesity Pandemic in the United States

• It is estimated that over 60% of people in the US will be obese and close to 40% of people will have diabetes in 2023

  • If we keep up our current trajectory, the obesity epidemic in the US will continue to grow.

• Solutions for the obesity epidemic in the US and incentivize Americans to be healthier

[06:18 - 12:29] A Better Way to Consume Ketones

• Why people should take exogenous ketones

  • The reason why Robert doesn't recommend them from a fat loss standpoint

• The benefits of the ketones salts

  • A difference in energy focus levels

[12:30 - 18:29] Full-Body Training

• Why Robert decided to change to a full-body routine

  • Doing five full-body workouts per week, with each workout targeting a different muscle group

• Robert's favorite exercise and why

• Training techniques for getting good results with a full-body split

[18:30 - 24:22] The Best Way to Train Your Muscles

• What can help you to increase intensity while hiking

• Robert discloses his upcoming projects

• How people can improve their form by getting explanations from experts

[24:23 - 29:31] Closing Segment

• Robert & Nate's outlook on band workouts

• You can't just expect instant gratification from working out, instead learn to love the process

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Key Quotes:

"If you look at anything in life, not just diet, the longer you focus on it, the better you get at it." - Robert Sikes

"Everybody's got that primate savage performance burning deeper themselves. You gotta dig deep, figure that out, and manifest it into your own life." - Robert Sikes

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