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The Low Carb Hustle

Jun 15, 2022

Robb Wolf is a former research biochemist. He co-founded the 1st and 4th CrossFit affiliate gyms in the world and wrote two NYT/WSJ best-selling books on health and nutrition (The Paleo Solution and Wired To Eat). In this episode, Robb talks about his low energy levels and how he learned they were caused by a shortage of electrolytes, notably sodium. He also challenges veganism and debunks the misconception about sodium, and its effect on one’s overall performance and health. Listen and enjoy!

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[00:01 - 10:19] Opening Segment

  • Robb shares a little bit about his background
  • Robb talks about the value of asking the right questions when following a diet

[00:00 - 29:59] Sacred Cow: A Comprehensive Vegan Take Down

  • Pastured meat versus conventional meat: Which is better in terms of nutrients?
  • Choosing the right food for required nutrients
  • Myth Buster: Veganism is not appropriate for all  points of life cycle
  • Can veganism save the environment?

[30:00 - 45:18] All About Sodium

  • Achieving progress by asking the right questions
  • Robb shares his common misconceptions about a low-carbohydrate diet
  • Sodium’s role in keto diet
  • Rob talks about his company Element, how it came to be, and its impacts on athletes
  • How much sodium do you actually need?
  • The effect of sodium on the glycolytic activity

[38:25 - 43:35] Closing Segment

  • The Lightning Round: Hot or Not
  • Connect with Robb on the links below!

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Tweetable Quotes

You know, if people are really concerned about equity and you know, fairness and social justice topics, but yet they're advocating for a vegan diet, particularly within these like low-income groups, they're going to look back 20 years from now and this is going to be like giving pregnant moms thalidomide or something like that like they people are going to be horrified by this.” - Robb Wolf

“If you cease to be able to ask the good questions. And so we will cease to make progress.”  - Robb Wolf

“If you've been struggling with low carb Lake, low energy lethargy, fatigue, sleep issues, kind of elevated heart rate both at rest and particularly under exercise. 99.9% sure that it's inadequate electrolytes specifically sodium.” - Robb Wolf