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The Low Carb Hustle

Sep 23, 2022

I know I say this all the time, but in this SPECIAL episode of the Low Carb Hustle, I get together with my friend and LCH listener Lauren Laux to talk about her 5 biggest takeaways from the previous 100 episodes!

We also talked about LMNT electrolytes a lot, so if you wanted to try them, you can get a free sample pack with purchase here:
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This episode is special for a lot of reasons...

1. Lauren is super busy and to get her to jump on an epside with me is a high honor.

2. We're 100 episodes deep y'all! I hope you're as excited as me!

3. Next 100 episodes I'm going to do with a russian accent 

4. These 5 Points are a great summary of what we believe will help improve fat loss, building a muscular physique, and help you dominate in every area of your life.

Check it out!

Epsidoes we reference: (links are to apple podcast)

  1.  Don't be Afraid to Change Your Mind
    1. 068: Robb Wolf
    2. 072: Keto Hater Goes Keto
    3. Danny Vega
  2. Keep it Sustainable
    1. Rachel Gregory
  3. Eat The Meat
    1. Ex Plant Eater
    2. Dr Sarah Zaldivar
  4. Recovery Must Match Output
    1. Melissa Vogel
    2. Sachin Patel
    3. Yogi Bryan
  5. Train Hard but Boring
    1. Jay Ferruggia
    2. Danny Kavadlo
    3. How do I Build a Booty?