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The Low Carb Hustle

Mar 21, 2018

You have asked me for more great interviews with keto experts and today you are going to thank me!

Matt and Megha are the dynamic duo behind the ultra popular website and the Keto For Normies podcast.

These two decided to document their own keto journey via their website, podcast, and YouTube page. They have thousands of loyal fans from across the globe that cheer them on as they try new keto experiments and share their latest delicious keto recipes.

Listen to this episode as we discuss:

  • The most common mistakes they see newbies making with the ketogenic diet.
  • What they have learned from their keto experiments.
  • How their mindsets have shifted as they have learned from their community and their podcast guests.
  • Their advice for someone that is having a hard time with their nutritional motivation.

Be sure to download their top ten most delicious keto recipes for FREE on their website:

Here are some more great ways to connect with Matt and Megha:

Keto For Normies podcast:

YouTube page:

Don't forget to pre order their brand new keto recipe book:


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