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The Low Carb Hustle

Mar 28, 2018

As you all know I talk a lot about finding your WHY or the reason you want to achieve a goal. Well this week we are going to focus on finding your WHAT with my guest Steve Olsher.

Steve is a highly accomplished entrepreneur, coach, podcaster, public speaker, and he's the author of the book "What is your WHAT? Discover the ONE amazing thing you were born to do."

Listen to this episode as Steve and I discuss:

  • His own entrepreneurial success story and how he reinvented his life.
  • The difference between our WHAT and our WHY and how this all relates to our goals.
  • One of his favorite stories of someone reinventing their lives.
  • His advice for someone that wants to shift the direction that their life is currently heading in.

After you check out this episode be sure to connect with Steve on his webiste: where you can download a FREE copy of his book "What is your WHAT?" and listen to his podcast Reinvention Radio.

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