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The Low Carb Hustle

Nov 23, 2022

Are you ready to take back control of your eating tendencies & stop giving away that power to emotional eating? In this episode, Kristin Jones shares how successful weight loss should not be based on hatred or deprivation, but rather on a healthy mindset and lots of support. She digs into practical tips and advice on how to reclaim your power & autonomy in order to take control of your eating to drop fat and get better results. Pay close attention to Kristin's tools to diagnose and heal yourself by looking internally and being very honest with yourself. Tune in and find out what can help you overcome emotional eating and create a healthier life!

Key Highlights:

Part 1

[00:01 - 06:47] Opening Segment

• How to identify and overcome emotional eating

• Why Kristin coaches people on how to avoid emotional eating

• How emotional eating is something that 80% of Americans deal with

  • The detrimental effects of diet culture and fast weight loss

[06:48 - 13:18] Trauma-Free Weight Loss

• Losing weight is traumatic for the body and can be hard on the mind and emotions

• It is important to focus on the psychological aspects of why people gain weight

• There is no one-size-fits-all approach to losing weight, as each person's experience will be different

  • The importance of healing your psychological challenges around weight loss

[13:19 - 20:15] How to Conquer Emotional Eating

• There is a lot of shame and embarrassment and disappointment associated with emotional eating

• How to identify and reframe your thoughts about yourself to break the cycle of overeating

  • Create affirmations that focus on positive self-talk
  • Escape negative self-talk by drawing awareness to it and then reframing it

Part 2

[00:01 - 07:08] Take Back Your Power and Autonomy When It Comes to Eating

• Kristin's story about her emotional eating patterns

• Most people who struggle with emotional eating have a history of not being able to express themselves

  • How these experiences can lead to low self-worth, not feeling important, and obesity

• How people often prefer to occupy their attention so they don't have to feel their emotions

[07:09 - 13:41] Overcoming Childhood Trauma and Live Longer

• How a parent's mindset can have a significant impact on their child's development

• What you can do to change limiting beliefs into more empowering ones

  • How this mindset shift can help individuals achieve their goals

[13:42 - 22:59] Closing Segment

• How to create an identity and build upon that to create the life you want

• The short-term diet industry and its effects on consumers

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Resources Mentioned:

When You Food is Your Drug

Key Quotes:

"Psychologically people don't wanna be deprived. People don't wanna be restricted. And your brain will rebel against these stipulations." - Kristin Jones

"We're creating everything that's gonna come to fruition in our lives, so we have to be very careful about how we speak to ourselves." - Kristin Jones

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