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The Low Carb Hustle

Dec 28, 2022

You must have seen some health fitness advice from celebrities in Magazines or on Social Media – but the thing is, it is not always true and safe! You can’t trust just anyone on what is good and bad for you, too often, they have conflicts of interest. Nowadays, we live in a society of quick fame, and people don’t know what to believe.

In this episode featuring Kyle Tyler and your host, Nate Palmer, they discuss the different pieces of advice that some celebrities have put out there on social media, in magazines, and throughout the internet regarding fitness and health.  Find out what they have to say about different celebrities' bullsh*t advice and their ideas on fitness and health.  Hit the play button to listen and know what they are actually trying to emphasize in this episode!

Key Highlights:

[00:01 - 07:23] Opening Segment

  • The host, Nate Palmer, brings a topic about Tracy Anderson’s article about heavy weight lifting for women.
  • A caveat: Does weight training make you bulky?
  • Kyle and Nate emphasize and explains that it depends on your goal, especially on women, they don’t require heavy lifting that can make their body bulky unless it is their personal goal.
  • Nate shares the two exercises he will never program for a woman

[07:24 - 10:13] Celebrity Fitness Advice no. 1: Oral Sex Can Cure Throat Cancer?

  • This celebrity believes that oral sex can cure throat cancer

[10:14 - 18:06] Celebrity Fitness Advice no. 2: Things That Can Detoxify Your Blood

  • This celebrity believes that doing eight-day goat milk cleanse is a great way to detoxify your blood. She is also into putting stone or jade eggs in her vagina to improve her health.
  • Oil enema every single day was sworn by also one of the famous celebrities.
  • Another celebrity also believes that putting leeches on your body can detoxify blood as well.
  • One movie showed that he washes his feet in the toilet to relax

[18:06 - 28:13 ] Celebrity Fitness Advice No. 3: About Eating Meat

  • The wife of one of the famous boy bands says if you eat meat, it will actually sit in your colon for 40 years, and it will eventually cause you to die.
  • They discuss the fact that meat has something to do with brain health and contributes to the growth and function of the brain.
  • Nate and Kyle take their opinion on some products that aren’t necessary for health but are pushed because of the financial incentives

[28:13 - 32:58 ] Celebrity Advice No. 4: Random Ridiculous beliefs

  • Another celebrity believes that she should mama bird all of her food to her baby.
  • One celebrity, a cultural icon, and a big fan of taking clean cat litter mixed with hot water and put in her face.
  • A celebrity that sells liver pills has gained over million dollars every month

[32:58 - 37:15 ] Closing Segment

  • Nate takes his two cents about all of the celebrities' fitness advice that is not actually can be backed up with factual information.

Key Quotes:

“...look to people who actually know what they're doing and not trying to sell you something” - Kyle Tyler

“...the amount of work that goes into actually building bulk in size, and any guy will tell you this, who has spent time trying to do so is very hard. It takes a lot of work. It takes a very concentrated effort. It's more than just, oh my God, you picked up a 30-pound dumbbell boom!” - Kyle Tyler

“Women shouldn't fear necessarily lifting heavy, but maybe just avoiding certain exercises.” - Kyle Tyler

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