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The Low Carb Hustle

Feb 22, 2023

Women across the world are being affected by hormonal changes, which lead to a decline in physical capacity and emotional well-being; this decline is getting worse because of stress, sedentary lifestyles, and poor nutrition. 

In this episode, Angela shares her powerful story of neglecting her physical and mental health, leading to severe depression. She also discusses how she dealt with it. She will help you understand why it's important to optimize hormone levels that affect every aspect of your health and well-being. 

Angela Foster is a Nutritionist, Health & Performance Coach, and Host of the top-rated podcast High-Performance Health. She used integrative health practices and biohacking to rebuild her physical and mental health. Her mission is to educate and inspire women to become the CEO of their health and optimize their minds, body & spirit by embracing their femininity.


Key Highlights: 
[00:01 - 06:03] The Importance Of Understanding Woman’s Menstrual Cycle

        Exercise helps alleviate things like menstrual pain.

        When you get beyond day three, you are resilient to strain. It is a great time to do resistance training.

        The ovulation phase needs to moderate the training.

        Women tend to be less resilient in the Luteal phase, with a higher resting heart rate and lower HRV. 

[06:04 - 11:05] The Importance Of The Nutrition Aspect for Women’s Cycle

        Flaxseed works very well in helping estrogen and moderating the effects.

        Eat plenty of cruciferous vegetables and sulfur-containing foods to help detoxify excess estrogen.

        Birth control often leads to higher night cortisol levels.

[11:06 - 22:16] Biohacking For Optimal Health

     Red light therapy is useful for optimizing mitochondrial health, detoxification, and for cardiovascular health.

     Angela explains that cortisol and melatonin have an inverse relationship.

     Additionally, she shares how she and her husband gave up alcohol for a year.

Key Quotes:

“Everybody wants to do the exciting bio hacks first, but it isn't gonna make a marked difference to you if you are using red light therapy, but you're staying up watching Netflix with nobody, like blocking glance wear till 1:00 AM, right? And then not sleeping properly.”  - Angela Foster

“The way you sleep tonight depends on what you did this morning.” - Angela Foster

“Health is the foundation, right? It's our greatest asset, and we so often neglect it.” - Angela Foster

“You can't attract more if you're not already grateful for what you have.” - Angela Foster



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