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The Low Carb Hustle Podcast

Sep 10, 2018

 We hear it all the time: "If you can't be in love with yourself how can you truly and fully love anyone else?"

We all do our share of negative self talk and self body image how about we take some time today and reverse this trend and learn about self love!

To help us do that I'm bringing in my friend Allana Pratt!

Allana is an intimacy expert that inspires open hearted living, with delicious sass. She's been featured on CBS, TLC & FOX, she has authored 3 books, and she’s the host of the sexy empowering show “Intimate Conversations LIVE”.

In this conversation Allana and I discuss:

  • Her own story of hitting rock bottom and reinventing her life.
  • Her advice for people that are losing weight for a wedding and don't want to gain it back after the big day happens.
  • Her advice for people that are dealing with a family situation where they don't feel supported.
  • Her advice for people that struggle with body image issues and self body shaming. 

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