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The Low Carb Hustle Podcast

Oct 29, 2018

As the years go by it is very easy for anyone to get in their head about that number and what that represents.

I hear things all the time like:

I'm too old to do that!

People my age don't do that!

My best years are behind me!

Today I'm bringing in my friend Maarten Van Nus to provide a change in perspective!

In 2010 Maarten founded BoomerBody with a mission to provide exercise, health, and lifestyle advice specifically for people of the Boomer generation.  Since 1975 he's helped countless men & women regain strength, flexibility, and heal painful conditions that doctors said were permanent.

Listen in as Maarten and I discuss:

  • What sparked his interest in health and fitness and why did he ultimately decide to focus on the Baby Boomer generation?
  • What mistakes are most of us making that are not allowing us to be as fit as we could be as we grow older?
  • What are some of the mindset shifts that boomers need to make in order to achieve a higher level of health and fitness?
  • What are some foundational principles that boomers need to make sure they are incorporating into their nutrition and fitness routines?

After listening to this episode be sure to connect with Maarten on his website:


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