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The Low Carb Hustle Podcast

Nov 26, 2018

I think that we all can agree that a skill that we can all try to improve upon is our ability to listen. We all like to think, plan, and ACT.......but sometimes the better option is to be mindful, be present,.....and listen and we don't just need to improve on our ability to listen to others we also need to improve on our ability to listen to our own body.

Are your knees aching?.......What is your body trying to tell you? Maybe you need to chill out on the running.

Is your stomach messed up?......What is your body trying to tell you? Maybe you need to back down on the coconut oil there Keto Carl!

In this week's episode I'm bringing in my friend Alexa Schirm to help us learn about what our body is telling us and how to give it what it wants.

Alexa is the host of the Simple Roots Radio podcast. She's a mother of three girls and a nutritionist who loves to create new recipes using real ingredients and then show us how these can impact our health. One of my favorite things about Alexa is that she always delivers actionable advice and gives us the science to back it up. 

 Listen in as Alexa and I discuss:

  • The story about how she became so fired up about being a health and wellness coach.
  • How she balances what she learned from her college education with the latest cutting edge nutritional science.
  • Where we tend to mess things up with our nutrition in general.
  • How we can help our children eat healthier.
  • Her advice for someone who is just too BUSY to get healthy.

After you listen to this episode be sure to connect with Alexa with the following resources:


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