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The Low Carb Hustle Podcast

Dec 10, 2018

You have been asking me for more great Keto info and today I'm delivering that in a big way!

So why do I refer to Brian Williamson as the Mayor of Ketopolis?

For starters he has three super popular Keto podcasts in The Ketovangelist, The Ketovangelist Kitchen, and The Ketogenic Athlete. He's also the creator of KetoCon which is THE Keto event to be at every year if you want to mingle with and learn from the top people in the Ketogenic world.

Listen in as Brian and I discuss:

  • The story of how searching for an effective epilepsy treatment for his son led him to the Ketogenic diet.
  • The biggest misconception about Keto right now.
  • The fundamental things that have to be in line before you start Keto.
  • The things he's recently learned from his podcast guests that have blown his mind.
  • and.....we dive into a hilarious zombie apocalypse situation where he would have to decide who to eat first The Keto Savage Robert Sikes or Danny Vega.

After listening to this episode be sure to dive deep into the Ketogenic world of Brian Williamson:


The Ketovangelist Podcast:




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