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The Million Pound Mission Podcast with Adam Schaeuble

May 15, 2019

Have you ever found yourself at absolute rock bottom and left wondering "What in the hell do I do next?".

This is a very scary place to be but this is also a place of huge opportunity and if you handle things properly you can build the body, relationships, and life of your dreams as you rise from the ashes of your tough circumstances.

Today I'm bringing you an amazing example of this exact scenario with my friend Natalie Jill!

10 years ago Natalie was a divorced single mom, broke, overweight, in debt and had lost her house and her confidence. She didn’t even get into “fitness” and “nutrition” at all until she was 39.

She was on 11 magazine covers after the age of 40 (despite society saying she was too old) and she became a master at creating a vision, shifting her mindset and learning to create all possibilities from NOTHING. Now she thrives on helping others change their past stories and patterns to shift their beliefs and results!

Listen in as Natalie and I discuss:

  • Her rock bottom moment and how she pulled herself out of it.
  • Her thoughts on walking the fine line between ending body shame but also not accepting poor health.
  • What inspired her to write her new book Aging In Reverse.
  • Her advice for someone who is ready to pull themselves out of their own rock bottom moment.

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