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The Low Carb Hustle

May 27, 2019

One of the things that I talk about a lot on this podcast is that your WHY has to be bigger than the combined force of all of the WHY NOT's out there.

So......have you ever felt like the WHY NOT's are just kicking your ass?

Today I'm bringing in an amazing woman who hit rock bottom and then developed an amazing technique called Future Boards that totally changed the trajectory of her life.

Sarah Centrella is the author of the #1 best-selling self-help book Hustle Believe Receive An 8 Step Plan to Changing Your Life and Living Your Dream
She is known as the premier vision board expert and her follow up book: #FutureBoards How to Make a Vision Board to Manifest Exactly What You Want, will be released in July 2019. As a master life coach, she’s worked with professional athletes and thousands of people from around the world, helping them manifest their dreams.
Listen in as Sarah and I discuss:
  • Her rock bottom moment and how she found the fire to dig herself out of the situation.
  • The difference between a future board and a dream or vision board
  • Best practices of developing your own future board
  • Her best advice for someone that is ready to reverse their life momentum