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The Million Pound Mission Podcast with Adam Schaeuble

Jun 4, 2019

Have you ever wished that you could just rewire your brain so that you could be more positive and focused on what you are trying to create in your life?

Well today I'm going to introduce you to my friend Carl Hunter who has created some amazing technology that might just do the trick!

Carl is a mind reprogramming expert and the inventor of the amazing MindPower Acceleration Technology he calls MindFlavors.

Listen in as Carl and I discuss:

  • How he defines the term "manifesting" and how it works.
  • How Sacred Geometry effects our brain.
  • The process of using MindFlavors to accelerate the manifesting experience.

Here is how you can connect with Carl:

Get his FREE Ebook:

Check out his website:

Million Pound Mission Podcast Power Declarations


Write all 5 each night for 30 days following the instructions in the Mindset Magic™ Ebook.

1. I naturally allow my mind and body to automatically be in perfect balance and complete harmony now.

2. I choose to be in my power today and joyfully take confident actions that produce more of everything I love.

3. I naturally and effortlessly maintain my ideal body weight, shape and form always now.

4. I am choosing to automatically think healthy thoughts and take healthy actions today and it feels great!

5. I choose to trust myself as I follow through and joyfully complete everything that is important to me today.


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