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The Million Pound Mission Podcast with Adam Schaeuble

Jun 5, 2019

We all know how easy it is to make excuses as to why we aren't able to reach our health goals.

We are too busy.....too old.....too out of get in shape!!!!

With this episode we are going to teach you how to make PROGRESS....not excuses and get after your goals!

My friend Jesse Walker is here to fire us up!

Jesse Walker is a #1 best selling author, speaker and fitness evangelist! His passion is sharing fitness and anti-aging strategies in a straightforward , no-nonsense way that helps people to overcome their health and fitness challenges and achieve lifelong vitality. He demystifies the confusing information surrounding health and fitness and provides simple, easy to follow solutions. Rather than endorsing short term or quick weight loss fixes, he’s designed a blueprint that anyone can follow for long term results.

Listen in as Jesse and I discuss:

  • Where people are really getting confused when it comes to anti aging.
  • His top anti aging habits.
  • His opinions on anti aging drugs.
  • His best advice for someone that is just starting their journey

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