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The Million Pound Mission Podcast with Adam Schaeuble

Mar 23, 2020

As you go along your transformation journey you will inevitably come across a point where you question: Can I maintain this process?

I always tell my clients that this is actually a good sign because it means that you are officially outside of your comfort zone and you are only a few key moves away from achieving some of your largest goals. 

I strive to help all of my community members get to a point where they feel good about their health AND their lifestyle at the same time and one of the key tools that I use in finding this balance is the Cheat Bank.

Listen in as I show you how to stop beating yourself up about "falling off the wagon" and reclaim control over your transformation game plan with my Cheat Bank strategy.

⭐️ I provide two great (FREE) options to help you set up your first Cheat Bank via my Battle Plan Workbook. 

For a real deep dive on the workbook and the Cheat Bank I suggest signing up for my free course: The 7 Necessary Steps For Long Term Weight Loss Success

For more of a quick overview of the workbook and tools use the welcome videos inside of our FREE Mission Possible Community membership.