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The Low Carb Hustle Podcast

Oct 26, 2020

Has the question "Am I addicted?" ever crossed your mind? Whether it's related to food, drugs, alcohol, or anything else......when addiction gets its grip on us it means bad news.

On today's show I'm bringing in my friend Tamar Medford who has a lot of experience with severe addictions and overcoming them.

Tamar Medford is a performance consultant, host of The Road to Health Podcast, and champion for people who suffer from addiction. Since overcoming her own 20-year battle with addiction and obesity in 2012, Tamar has dedicated her life to inspiring and empowering others to believe their positive transformation is possible too. 

Check out episode 366 of The Million Pound Mission Podcast as Tamar and I discuss:

  • How her personal health spiraled out of control because of addiction and how she overcame it.
  • The thing that catalyzed her amazing growth over the past year.
  • The key mindset shifts that people who are dealing with addiction need to take.
  • One simple action step that someone can take today if they are battling addiction and they are ready to initiate change.

Connect with Tamar:


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