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The Low Carb Hustle

Feb 27, 2023

It’s time to get rid of those nagging doubts and be the hero your kid deserves. In this episode, Dave Whitley shows you how to make success automatic in this process by rethinking how you approach it using internal code and he will share how mental rehearsal can be a key to fat loss. Listen here for more of his insightful coaching advice from Dave Whitley!


Dave Whitley is a motivational speaker and strongman based in Nashville, TN who uses SuperHuman feats of strength to share his message. He is the author of the book Superhuman YOU and the Vice President of Dennis Rogers' Oldetime Strongman University.

Key Highlights:

[00:01 - 05:57] Opening Segment

        Dave shares his story about when he was a kid enamored with science fiction and fantasy until he wanted to look like the hulk in the TV show.

        He also shares why he got involved in the feats of strength.

        One of the first people Dave interviewed from his podcast is Bud Jeffries, a powerlifter, strongman, and strength coach.



[05:58 - 15:47] The Power Of The Subconscious Mind

        Visualization of what you want to accomplish is the key component.

        The subconscious belief always prevails whenever there is a conflict between a subconscious belief and a conscious desire.

        Trying to reprogram yourself will reveal that you are no longer in conflict with yourself.


[15:48 - 18:58] Mental Rehearsal Is a Skill

        Dave mentions the experiment of three groups of people shooting to test mental rehearsal.

        The combination of physical and mental rehearsals

         Mental rehearsal is the skill of mentally practicing another skill, but it is still the skill of practice.

        Dave advises those who mentally rehearsing and having difficulty.


[18:59 - 26:02] Application of Mental Strategies To People Trying To Lose Weight.

        Dave discusses the 3 different components of feeling.

        Dave recommends reading this book entitled “Feeling is The Secret.”

        Proprioception is the sense of where the body is in space, time, and its relation to other things.

        In interoception, you can sense your own heartbeat by sitting still and quieting your mind.

Key Quotes:


“Anytime the subconscious belief and the conscious will or desire or in conflict, the subconscious belief always wins.”  - Dave Whitley


“Once I change internally to become who I want to be, my external stuff has no other choice except to express it. -Dave Whitley


“If I want him embody a certain quality, then I need to live that quality.” - Dave Whitley





Book recommendation: Feeling is the Secret

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