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The Million Pound Mission Podcast with Adam Schaeuble

Aug 8, 2018

One of the toughest transformation obstacles that females face is the battle to balance out their hormones. Now I have ZERO experience being a female and dealing with these types of issues so I've brought in my friend Dr. Mariza Snyder to help us all better understand how females can win the battle against their hormones and do it naturally!

Dr. Mariza is an best selling author, educator, wife, and wellness advocate. She enjoys helping people live their best life through whole food nutrition, essential oils, easy to follow habits, and mood boosting remedies. 

Check out this episode on iTunesStitcher, or SoundCloud as Dr. Mariza and I discuss:

  • Her own transformation journey where she went from feeling unhappy, unhealthy, and having no energy to becoming a health coach, author, and wellness influencer.
  • How she helps women use essential oils to balance out their hormones.
  • How we can all use essential oils to improve our health.
  • How we can correct the mistakes that are making so many people unhealthy right now.

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