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The Low Carb Hustle Podcast

Oct 25, 2017

What if I told you that you were going to get a chance to learn from someone that has interviewed almost 200 holistic health and wellness experts? That would totally rock right??? Now what if I told you that this same person had a simple process that you can apply right away that will help you overcome any anxiety that you are currently feeling???? Well today you are in luck my friends because my friend Ashley James is going to deliver on these topics and more with this week's episode! Ashley James is an entrepreneur, coach and podcaster. Her podcast is called Learn True Health with Ashley James where she interviews holistic health experts and doctors of Naturopathic medicine. Through the interviews, her expert guests teach listeners how to gain health naturally through holistic medicine, diet, supplemental nutrition and lifestyle changes. Ashley makes sure that listeners learn Natural Medicine Life Hacks for gaining energy, better sleep, a boosted immune system and an overall feeling of awesomeness! I hope that you are as excited as I am to dive into this week's episode. After listening please help support our Million Pound Mission by being sure to leave a rating/review for this episode. Be sure to check out Ashley's podcast and website. They are both amazing resources: Ready to launch your transformation? Check out my Transform(ed) Academy and get all of my best workout programs, nutrition plans, coaching calls with me, my triple accountability peer support, and SO MUCH MORE! www.TransformationCoach.Me