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The Low Carb Hustle Podcast

Nov 29, 2017

Do you ever feel like your weekly schedule is just eating you alive? You enter each day with high hopes only to find more busy-ness, more stress, and more work while you are left wanting more time for yourself, the things you are passionate about, and the people you want to be around the most. You aren't alone my friend. SO many of us fight this battle every day and I was right there with you to the point where I have worked myself right into a hospital bed three separate times. The good news is that I found a unique time system that changed everything for me and in this episode I'm bringing in one of the experts who coaches people on how to use this time system: Shannon Waller of The Strategic Coach program: Listen in on this episode as Shannon and I cover: *How to use a special three category time system to reclaim control over your weekly schedule. *How to pull this off as a business owner or as an employee. *Why claiming your Free Days first is so important. *How you can start implementing this time system right away and start seeing positive results. Here is your FREE DOWNLOAD of my Lifestyle Audit tool that I mentioned in the show: Here are the links to all of Shannon's books that we mention in the show: Unique Ability 2.0: The Team Success Handbook: Multiplication By Subtraction: Ready to launch your transformation? Check out my Transform(ed) Academy and get all of my best workout programs, nutrition plans, coaching calls with me, my triple accountability peer support, and SO MUCH MORE! The best part is that I load up a brand new program every 90 days so that you never get bored and your body is always stimulated to keep getting results: