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The Million Pound Mission Podcast with Adam Schaeuble

Jan 10, 2018

How are you going to react when life throws you that next unexpected curve ball?

Are you going to strike out and quit?

Or are you going to adjust the game plan and keep going for the win?

Justin Kavanaugh, the founder of the Sport and Speed Institute, has been involved in almost every aspect of the sports performance and fitness industry, from being an elite athlete himself, to founding his first sports performance company while still in school, to managing gyms, to developing team and personal training programs, to training celebrity clients.

When an injury ended his college football career, he turned his passion and talent to helping other athletes reach their full potential in sports and life.

Listen in as Coach Kav and I discuss:

  • How he adjusted his mindset after suffering a devastating injury that changed the path of his life.
  • The difference between motivating males vs females.
  • How to motivate someone that has lost their confidence.
  • How to break out of a personal rut and re-establish your positive momentum.

Coach Kav ROCKS this interview and you are going to walk away feeling INSPIRED!

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