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The Low Carb Hustle

Nov 30, 2022

Are you ready to start your journey toward infinite health? In this episode, Billy Merritt discloses the ins and outs of supplements, specifically green supplements. He points out how some companies formulate their products, what you should be looking for in a green product, and what to avoid at all costs. He shares how he went from having daily seizures to healing a brain condition with movement, sunlight, and extremely high-quality nutrition which led him to start formulating nutritional products for clients at health retreats. Listen and enjoy!

Health and nutrition have always been a passion for Billy Merritt. But, his journey has not been without major challenges. Years ago, Billy suffered major health issues due to lesions in his brain. He began having seizures and blood flow became inhibited to his arms and hands. However, his determination to recover led him to pursue the healing power of nature’s medicinal Superfoods. For over 17 years now, Billy and his team have continued to work diligently on improving the blue-green algae-based Infinity Superfood formula that people now know and love today. Putting your health first, Billy is committed to continuing his quest to educate himself and the rest of the world with the purpose of global well-being, exploring the intricate link between health and nature.

Key Highlights:

[00:01 - 07:07] Opening Segment

• How Billy found relief from his condition by incorporating medicinal foods into his diet

  • Why he decided to start working as a trainer and nutritionist at a health retreat

• How Billy ended up creating Infinity Greens

  • Providing high-quality, nutrient-dense foods to help optimize every organ and function of the body

[07:08 - 14:48] How to Eat Green Food to Improve Brain Health

• The importance of oxygenating the blood and how this is key to overall health

• How eating green foods is especially beneficial for those with brain conditions

• Using a Vitamix to turn greens into a liquid form that is easier to digest

[14:48 - 22:28] Blue Green Algae: A Superior Source of Nutrients

• Eating just a relentless amount of raw veggies and salads can be depressing

• Nate & Billy's insights about kale

• Why blue-green algae are the longevity green for Billy

[22:29 - 29:50] Infinity Greens

• The products that Infinity Greens offer

  • There are many ways to make the infinity greens

• How wheatgrass is an inflammatory and why should be avoided

• What to look for in green products

[29:51 - 36:26] Closing Segment

• Things Billy believes that is way overhyped

Resources Mentioned:

Billy's Infinity Greens

ant to connect with Billy? Follow him on LinkedIn. Head to Infinity Greens, bringing you the purest and most health-enhancing superfood in the world!

Key Quotes: 

"Our top priority is longevity in the life force." - Billy Merritt

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