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The Low Carb Hustle

Nov 3, 2016

Vacations are great and we all deserve some time to relax and recharge our batteries with the people that we love to be around. Vacations can also be a serious transformation landmine. They can wreck your momentum and then there is....the vacation weight gain that we have to deal with. In this episode Adam walks you through a process that you can use to map out a Pre, During, and Post-Vacation strategy so that you can have a great time AND maintain your fitness momentum. Ready to transform? Check out our FREE mini course called The Perfect Start. You will get a three module course that will help you get started with your nutrition, exercise, and overall transformation motivation and strategy. Just use this link to get started: Want more great podcast episodes and free coaching videos? We have them all right here at this link: www.TransformationCoach.Me/blog