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The Low Carb Hustle Podcast

Feb 2, 2017

Now I think we have all been there.....we have just found the internal fortitude to make some postive changes with our health and we are just getting used to the idea that this might very well be the "new you".....and then.....your friends ask you to meet them out for drinks on Friday night......and you are FREAKING OUT! You know that your friends love you but you also know that there will be an expectation to eat and drink things that are not on your game plan right now. The pressure is already starting to build! This week we have a three phase plan of attack on this topic: Step #1: I want you to listen to this podcast which is a transformation strategy session I did with Noel Niehaus. We work through his danger zones and talk about how to apply some strategies around facing peer pressure. With this strategy session I had Noel use two key tools that I want to give you FREE access to also. Use this link to download your FREE copy of the Danger Zone Game Plan: Use this link to download your FREE copy of the Transformation Battle Plan Workbook: Step 2: I wrote up a full blog post focusing on my five key strategies to help you handle peer pressure and stick to your nutrition plan: Step 3: Watch this one-minute highlight video I posted on YouTube to help solidify this concept: