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The Low Carb Hustle Podcast

Aug 30, 2017

"I just can't maintain this!"........This is a quote that I hear a lot as a fitness professional. People get into a program, enjoy some initial results, but then start to slowly convince themselves that they need to quit because they can't keep this up long term. My answer to this statement is always as follows: GOOD! I don't expect you to maintain this. You are in phase TWO of a three phase process. Phase THREE is the promised land where we find that balance between your health and your hang in there because it is SO worth it! In this episode I cover the three phase process that I call The Healthy Lifestyle Balance Finder. In this episode you will discover: *What defines each phase of this process so you can figure out where you are at. *The two critical mistakes that people make when they attempt to go through this process. Be sure to check out the companion blog post for this episode: If you got some value out of this episode I would greatly appreciate it if you would leave me a rating and a review on iTunes. This helps me spread the word about our show and gets my coaching in front of more people. Thanks in advance for doing makes a huge difference: Ready to donate some weight to my Million Pound Mission? Check out my brand NEW Transformation Foundation Course. This course is ideal for anyone that wants to launch their transformation process in the best possible way. It is also an ideal course for those that just need a fresh start! Use the promo code FOUNDATION at checkout to save 50%: How about some FREE support to get started? Join my FREE Defeat The Cheat Facebook support group. We share daily tips, motivation, recipes, and we do FREE monthly challenges: