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The Low Carb Hustle

Sep 27, 2017

About a year ago I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts and I heard a guy named Ari Meisel talking about the concept of "less doing more living".......and I became immediately interested. He went on to use phrases like "productivity is my playground" and I was pretty much hooked. I immediately ordered his book, downloaded his app, and started absorbing as much information from this guy as I could. Through the wonderful world of podcasting I've been lucky enough to connect with Ari and when he agreed to come on my show for an interview I was PUMPED! Now with Ari being the "productivity guy" I knew this wasn't going to be a two hour long interview so I wanted to pack as much info as possible into a 20 minute session! In this episode Ari and I focus on two key topics: #1. How he was able to cure his Crohn's disease and how that process forced him into becoming ultra productive. #2. He delivers some key strategies that busy parents, like himself (he has four kids...two of which are twins), can use to experience less doing and more living and gain leverage in their lives! So check out this week's episode and think about how you can apply some of Ari's tips to become more efficient in your everyday routine. Be sure to check out Ari's amazing virtual assistant company by visiting: Be sure to check out the companion blog post for this episode: If you got some value out of this episode I would greatly appreciate it if you would leave me a rating and a review on iTunes. This helps me spread the word about our show and gets my coaching in front of more people. Thanks in advance for doing makes a huge difference: How about some FREE support to get started? Join my FREE Defeat The Cheat Facebook support group. We share daily tips, motivation, recipes, and we do FREE monthly challenges: