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The Low Carb Hustle Podcast

Sep 9, 2016

In this episode Adam talks about the importance of having some structure around the act of cheating on your nutrition plan. He covers why he suggests that you use cheat "meals" instead of cheat "days" and a concept called the Cheat Bank that he recommends for all of his clients. He also discusses the importance of not associating food as being a reward for good behavior and separating your cheats from your weigh in days. LOTS of great info in this episode so be sure to take notes! If you like this episode of the podcast you might enjoy Adam's video about The Cheat Bank Strategy on our YouTube page: For daily motivation and free coaching tips and videos be sure to "like" our Facebook page: Be sure to check out Adam's new book "The Third Component: How to get better results from ANY weight loss program" on or in the Kindle store. Ready to TRANSFORM? For more information on our current courses and programs you can visit our website at: www.TransformationCoach.Me