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The Low Carb Hustle Podcast

Sep 23, 2016

Adam's mantra is "When we cannot be at our very best, we still have to focus on doing our best." We all have to deal with setbacks at some point whether it is a physical injury, work schedule change, or a change in the status of an important relationship. In this episode Adam covers four key questions that we must all ask ourselves when we are facing a setback or some type of adversity. He gives a detailed example of his own personal setback of dealing with a major injury currently.....THIS IS A GREAT EPISODE! Follow this link to register for the FREE course Adam mentions in this podcast "The Perfect Start Course": For daily motivation and free coaching tips and videos be sure to "like" our Facebook page: Be sure to check out Adam's new book "The Third Component: How to get better results from ANY weight loss program" on or in the Kindle store. Ready to TRANSFORM? For more information on our current courses and programs you can visit our website at: www.TransformationCoach.Me