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The Low Carb Hustle

Dec 21, 2022

Do we need to change our focus as we get older on our training and diet? In this episode, Bryan Krahn, who has years of experience working with clients of all levels of fitness, shares some tips on how to stay motivated and achieve success even as you age. He believes that if someone wants to achieve great results, they must take into account their entire lifestyle and make appropriate adjustments. Bryan digs into steroids, Instagram influencers, and how online coaching can be an effective way for people over 40 to reach their goals. Let's dive in!

Bryan Krahn has been a trainer since 1997, holds a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist designation through the NSCA, and has two university degrees in two decidedly non-fitness-related areas. He's also a “semi-serious physique athlete,” meaning that he enjoys building a lean, muscular, aesthetic body but stops short of actual competitive bodybuilding.

Key Highlights:

Part 1

[00:01 - 05:14] Opening Segment

• When you're in your late thirties, forties, and beyond - What's the most important, nutrition or exercise?

  • How to train and eat for success as you get older

• To maximize results, Brian advises looking at our sleep, lifestyle, and stress levels when planning our workouts and diet


[05:15 - 10:16] How to Ask the Right Questions to Help Your Clients Lose Weight

• Figuring out impediments related to a client's basic structure, schedule, and habits

• Ask your clients the right questions to see what is preventing them from making progress

• How to approach a client who wants to be big and muscular, and how to lose fat before trying to gain muscle

[10:17 - 15:29] The Arnold-Era Bodybuilder

• To create a longer runway for weight loss, many people turn to a fat-loss diet rather than building muscle

• The shift in society towards wanting smaller more toned bodies

  • What has led to men wanting to avoid looking like bodybuilders

[15:30 - 20:46] Alpha Male Philosophy: False Claims

• How the "Alpha Male" philosophy is based on shaky research

  • Approaching life and women around what wolves do

• How Bryan get results for his client online

Part 2

[00:01 - 06:28] How to Tell If an Exercise Diet or Fitness Contraption Works

• Bryan's outlook on real and fake Instagram fitness influencers

  • How he helps his clients achieve amazing results online

• The diet cycle that he and his clients go through

[06:29 - 12:44] Keto & High Carb Diets

• People who do well on one thing often do well on others

• Why keto can be a good option for some people, but it's not for most

• Experimenting is important for finding what works best for oneself

[12:45 - 19:16] How To Program For Online Coaching

• The importance of programming intelligently for online clients

  • The client's goal is what matters the most

• Make sure to provide cues effectively to clients

[19:17 - 26:09] Closing Segment

• How Bryan can help you achieve great results

• Online coaching is a different world with different ways of getting feedback

If you want to connect with Bryan, follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

Key Quotes:

"You really have to look at the big picture for everything you want to do." - Bryan Krahn

"Genetics is the ultimate separator." - Bryan Krahn

"You can't fix everything at once, so you have to only kind of work on a handful of things at once, but everything matters." - Bryan Krahn

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