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The Low Carb Hustle

Jun 29, 2022

Have you ever considered going full keto for 30 days and seeing what the results are? In this episode, Nate and Kyle share their personal experience with keto and why it could be a great way to build a foundation for long-term success. They also provide their insights about who should try it, and how different workouts may feel depending on the person's pre-existing fitness level. Let's dig into why a keto is a good option for those who want to optimize their health and have more energy!

Key Highlights:

[00:01 - 07:05] Opening Segment

• An overview of going full keto for 30 days

• How Kyle found that it was helpful to have some accountability during the challenge

• What happened when Nate and Kyle reintroduced carbs

[07:06 - 13:45] When a Keto Hater Goes Full Keto

• Nate's experience tracking carbohydrates for 30 days straight

• Kyle shares how keto helped him to feel good mentally and cognitively

[13:46 - 20:33] Beware of Dehydration Levels

• How one's body composition can be skewed by one's hydration levels

• What you can do to avoid keto flu symptoms

  • Sodium levels and hydration

[20:34 - 27:41] Results in Strength, Energy, and Muscle Growth

• Nate experienced that on longer workouts his energy and workout started to drop off after 45 minutes

• How triglycerides and cholesterol were during keto

• Get your blood work done to see if you're on the right track

[27:42 - 34:20] Checking Keto Results

• Why Kyle believes keto is more of a "minutia" than a "foundation."

• Keto is not for everyone and should only be attempted by those with a good foundation

• What people should do before starting keto

[34:21 - 40:50] Keto: The Diet for the Elite

• Keto is great for people who want to optimize their health and have more energy

• Why keto can be a diet of privilege for those who can afford to eat expensive foods

• People should start keto slowly and reintroduce carbohydrates if it serves them

[40:51 - 48:36] Closing Segment

• It's easy to fall off the keto diet if you're not getting accountability and help from someone else

• Having a coach is important so that they can help you with your lifestyle changes and fitness goals.

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Key Quotes:

"I believe keto is more of a minutia than a foundation." - Kyle Tyler

"Get someone in your corner who can help you out with keto because that's gonna make the biggest difference." - Nate Palmer

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