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The Million Pound Mission Podcast with Adam Schaeuble

Apr 4, 2018

I think that we all wish that there was a way to make losing weight just a little bit easier. Well today I'm busting out another secret weapon for better results!

My guest today is Nagina Abdullah and she is going to show us a way that we can passively lose more weight, get healthier, and make our food taste way better through the power of spices!

Nagina Abdullah is a health coach and founder of the website She teaches her easy anti-inflammatory system for sustainable weight loss and higher energy levels. Nagina has been featured in Business Insider,, Huffington Post and on Fox News.

Nagina has a degree from UC Berkeley in Molecular and Cell Biology and worked in a Top 4 consulting firm for some of the largest healthcare providers in the country.

Check out this episode as Nagina and I discuss:

  • The story of how she transformed her own health through spices and lost 40lbs!
  • How inflammation impacts our health and how to combat that.
  • The specific spices she recommends that will help us lose body fat, decease inflammation, and increase our energy levels.
  • Her "go-to" spice blend that she uses to make everything taste better!

After you listen to this episode be sure to check out the FREE GIFT that Nagina put together for us:

Nagina shares the "Sweet Spice Cheat Sheet" with the spice that is is in your kitchen cabinet! It helps to lower blood sugar and curb sugar cravings.

The cheat sheet includes:
*3 health benefits of using this spice
*5 ways to use it in your day
*An easy recipe using this spice


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