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The Million Pound Mission Podcast with Adam Schaeuble

Feb 3, 2020

Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you chose to blindly trust the advice that your doctor is giving you about your nutrition, but deep down you didn't totally agree with it?

I think we all go to our medical professionals looking for guidance that we can trust and we want validation that we are doing the things that are going to keep us healthy for a long time.

Today I'm bringing in Dr Ken Berry to talk about why many well meaning doctors are out there telling their patients lies about the way they should be eating.

Dr. Ken Berry is a physician that is on a mission to help as many people as possible get healthy via optimum nutrition and a low carbohydrate high fat lifestyle. He is the author of the book: Lies My Doctor Told Me and he can be seen speaking at health events across the country.

Listen in as Dr Ken and I discuss:

  • His own journey to health on a low carb lifestyle.
  • The biggest misconceptions about going low carb that he wants to erase.
  • How to effectively communicate with a doctor that is not on board with a low carb high fat lifestyle.
  • Three basic steps that anyone can take to improve their health right now.

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