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The Million Pound Mission Podcast with Adam Schaeuble

Jan 15, 2018

Is this the ultimate example of a fitness podcaster "keeping it real" or what??!! The advice that I give in this episode may very well cause you to unsubscribe (temporarily of course) from my own show! we go anyway!

So I'm noticing a brand new danger zone popping up with the popularity of podcasting. People are really getting into listening to several of their favorite fitness heroes dish out their best strategies, tips, and fitness hacks.

The issue is this: we are getting overwhelmed by it all.

We hop from fitness tip to fitness tip with no real implementation and we all know that the fear of missing out is REAL! So we refuse to quit tuning in to all of our favorite shows out of fear that we might just miss that very next game changer of a tip that will turn your keg into a six pack!

I have named this phenomenon: Fitness Podcast Overwhelm and with this episode I'm going to show you how to get your head straight, get focused, and get back in action while you still get to listen to most of your favorites. (I just hope that I make the cut!)

Listen to this episode as I discuss:

  • The four key questions that will help you reclaim clarity about what you actually should and should not be doing right now.
  • My three step action plan to get you back in the transformation game and building positive momentum.

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