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The Low Carb Hustle

Nov 17, 2016

In this episode Adam sits down with our newest 100lb club client Jim Ansaldo. Jim has been on an eleven month journey to improve his health and reclaim control over his lifestyle. Jim and Adam cover the following topics in this episode: *What motivated Jim to get started on this journey *Jim's game plan for taking on his "summer crucible" where he was traveling for almost 12 weeks in a row. During this time frame he still lost 40 lbs! *Jim's advice for someone that is just getting started with a lot of weight to lose. This episode will have you super motivated and ready to tackle your own weight loss goals! If you need some extra motivation and support to help you get control over your cravings and stop the weight loss/regain cycle we would love to have you take on our FREE 28-Day Defeat The Cheat Challenge. We've got a game plan with videos, recipes, and a supportive community to help you get your mojo back. Use this link to get started: