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The Low Carb Hustle Podcast

Jun 29, 2017

Ordinary....Superpowers......What? I know, the term kind of contradicts itself at first, but once you listen to my interview with author Mark Henson it will 100% make sense! You see, we are all given a certain set of abilities, skills, and talents that we totally ROCK at and many times we take them for granted and assume that everyone can do those things just as good as we can, but that isn't the case! These are our ordinary superpowers and this week we are going to learn how to put them to good use! In my interview with Mark Henson (author of the book Ordinary Superpowers) we discuss the following: What lit his fire to bring the ordinary superpowers message to the world? What exactly is an ordinary superpower? A four step test to see if a talent/ability qualifies as an ordinary superpower. How has Mark used his own ordinary superpowers to improve his health and fitness? We talk about my ordinary superpowers and how I apply them to my work and family life. How to apply your ordinary superpowers to get out of a rut. Be sure to check out the companion blog post for this episode: Ready to start YOUR transformation today? Join my FREE Defeat The Cheat Facebook support group. We share daily tips, motivation, recipes, and we do FREE monthly challenges: Join our next FREE group challenge and get access to our challenge archive so you can repeat your favorites whenever you want. Get signed's FREE: If you got some value out of this episode I would greatly appreciate it if you would leave me a rating and a review on iTunes. This helps me spread the word about our show and gets my coaching in front of more people. Thanks in advance for doing makes a huge difference:…d1138490044?mt=2 If you are really feeling the mojo you can share this blog link on Facebook or Instagram and be sure to tag me (TransformationCoach.Me) so I can say thanks!